Marriage and relationships requires a lot of work and dedication ". Often people become complacent with negative unproductive patterns of communication and behaviour in their relationships and the respect they once had for each other is compromised. Couples face many hurdles such as parenting differences, communication challenges, lack of passion, infidelity and financial strains.  I serve as a neutral voice to help couples sift through the issues they are dealing with to find solutions and answers. I also share helpful tools that can help change the way both of you are within the relationship and  expose you to a different perspective of your marriage than you previously had.


Individual therapy can be life altering. Together, we will figure out what's working and not working in your life and why.  We will explore what's getting in the way of living the life you desire and come up with strategies to find a more fulfilling existence.  Life is challenging, with unexpected events, changes and past events that we are impossible to navigate alone.  I'm here to walk through it with you and help you find the authentic, genuine and most healthy version of yourself.


Autism is a complex disorder that affects many people.  People are often diagnosed and sometimes undiagnosed, they do not understand what it means to them or their relationships, I am here to help explain that to you. Help you understand yourself better, what your triggers are, how to recognise  and manage them.  Together we will explore your relationships, anxieties and what it is like for you to be you in this world. Each person is treated individually with respect and is heard in my therapy room.