High Functioning Autism and Relationships ; Living with an Adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

One of my main interests is working with clients who have High Functioning Autism, when this in part of a relationship, challenges can quickly begin to mount. This is not saying that the partner with ASD is to "blame" or at "fault".  However the characteristics of High Functioning Autism give rise to problems associated with communication,  handling emotions, imagination, problem solving and sensory issues, which are the foundations of a relationship.  This results in a miscommunication and frustration and  with no way to understand or explain what is happening to each other relationships often feel lonely or breakdown.

These can be very difficult relationships, but I can help you through the dark times. I do this through the lens of a trained professional and personal experience of being married to a man with High Functioning Autism. Focusing on the Neurotypical (NT) partners and family members of someone with ASD, I help my clients understand ASD and then take a deeper look at how it effects their relationships. I also use a psycho-educational method with the ASD partner to help them learn social and relationship skills that they and their NT family need to have a healthy relationship.

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