Counselling for Anxiety

Do you worry about your work or home life constantly, or feel anxious and tense about small events?

Are your thoughts controlled with a powerless sense of  danger, a place where rising panic can be feel impossible to control?

Do your thoughts make it impossible to get on with regular life and enjoy each day?These signs and symptoms are common in those suffering from anxiety. While difficult anxiety symptoms can affect many aspects of your life, there is hope for a calm and peaceful future.

I’ve been supporting clients with anxiety for years. The therapy I provide enables clients to manage their emotions, control panic attacks and start living the life they enjoy and ground themselves in the face of fear. I can show you how to worry less about your future and enjoy each day right now.

It’s important to know you are not alone. Anxiety, according to British government, accounts for over 30% of mental health problems in the UK., with 37% of men an 30% of women admitting they turn to alcohol to cope with low mood, anxiety or depression. The good news? There is help.

Anxiety is not your fault or caused by anything you have or haven’t done. Like many other illnesses, effective treatments exist to halt the suffering and reconnect you with a happier, healthier life.

So, if you frequently experience…

 Frequent feelings of dread

A pounding heart, the racing heightened by the slightest of frights

Anticipating the worst, regardless of evidence

Physical symptoms like headaches, sweating, shakes and jumpiness, trouble concentrating, a frequent need to urinate and stomach uneasiness

Or if you often think...

“It’s safer to stay at home.”

“But what if…”

“I can’t breath / do this / relax / stop / switch off!”

“They or I could be in danger!”…Then I’m glad you are reading this. You are a step closer to getting the help you need.While I know this condition can come with a stigma that may have stopped you from seeking the care you need, your life can and should get better. If you’d like me to show you how, please contact me today for an appointment.

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