Appointment times

My private practice is at my home in Armadale. Please do not come early for your appointment because I do not have a waiting room and may be seeing someone else. If you find that you have arrived early there is a several coffee shop on the High Street.  I also use a room in the YMCA in Kilmarnock, this does have an area you are welcome to wait in.

Lateness & cancellation

If I am late for a session, I will make up the time so long as this is possible for you or reimburse you accordingly. If you are late, please expect the session to finish at the appointed time. If I cancel a session, you will not be expected to pay for it and, if possible, I will offer you another.

If you cancel a session with less than 48 hours notice you will still be expected to pay for the session, although whenever possible I will try to offer an alternative time that suits us both.

I will try to give good notice of forthcoming holidays and breaks and I hope you will give me as much notice as you can.

If we have been meeting and your personal circumstances change, making it difficult for you to continue with our meetings, I would encourage you to discuss the situation with me before stopping the sessions.

Terms and conditions

Counselling sessions

A session is defined as a meeting which has been agreed verbally or in writing, whether or not it is attended. The place and format of meeting, appointment time and length of session are mutually decided. A single therapy session usually takes place weekly or twice weekly and lasts for an hour.

An initial session is a meeting where we plan how to go forward before we agree to work together. In this session, which is chargeable, I would explore a little about your life story and what has brought you to therapy, and you could find out if you felt comfortable and at ease and wanted to continue. You would also have the chance to ask about anything else you may not be sure about. 


What is shared in the session will be treated as confidential. It will not be discussed outside the sessions except in the context of professional supervision and professional training. Any such references will always be anonymous and you could not be identified through them.

While confidentiality is essential, it is not absolute, and there are exceptions.  In very few extreme circumstances, it might be necessary for me to pass on information. This would only be if there were a substantial possibility of serious harm to yourself or others or if I were legally impelled to impart information. If I had concerns in this area, I would talk to you as fully as possible before deciding to take any action. I aim to maintain the highest standards of good practice and safety. For this reason, I normally request the name and address of your General Practitioner.

If you do have any concerns whatsoever in this regard, please do raise them with me. I am fully insured.

Contact outside the therapy room and social media

Therapy is a confidential place for you to feel safe and not judged, for this reason contact with Maureen, only happens when in a session unless its to make an appointment or make changes to an appointmentor we have agreed to contact each other for a given reason.

I have a Facebook page which is called Maureen Day Counselling if you wish to see some posts on current mental health issues,