Relationship counselling is suitable for anyone who wants to explore the impact of their adult relationships. You don’t have to be in a relationship to come for counselling. You can come if you’re single, in a civil partnership, married, living with someone, separated, divorced, widowed or if you are having problems finding or keeping a relationship. You can come for relationship counselling by yourself or with your partner. Whichever way you choose to do it, I will offer you space and time to explore your concerns. What to expect from relationship counselling I can help you to work through your problems. However, it’s useful to understand what relationship counselling can and can’t offer you. I can offer you a safe space in which to explore how you feel about your relationship and what it is like for you to be part of that relationship.  I do not  offer advice or tell what you should do.  However II can help you to have the difficult conversations with your partner in a calm constructive way.

What happens at counselling

If you decide that relationship counselling can help you, the first step is to get in touch with me.  You can contact me or call or text me on 07960866048.n If you call and get an answer phone please leave your name and a number where you can be contacted and I will call you back.

I have no waiting lists, usually I will be able to offer you an appointment within 7 days of contacting me.

Your first appointment

During the first session we will explore what is happening in your relationship.  What your difficulties are and look at what needs to change.  I will look at how you communicate with each other and the impact this is having.  Together we will agree at tools you can use to stop arguing and find a better way of solving any issues you have.

Counselling sessions usually last about an hour. 


Each counselling session cost £50 (see here for discounts). Usually 3 or 4 sessions is enough for a couple to find their way ahead.  When you book an appointment I will ask you to pay the first session then.  This secures  your appointment at the agreed time.